Warning about using Plastic Gutter on terraced properties 

I would highly discourage installing platic box section gutters, on a row of terraced houses. They are a plastic gutter, that have a similar profile to the traditional timber gutter. 

They are a simple installation system. Many builders instal them, without knowing how to instal them correctly.

Internally They are a hollowed out gutter system, so the rain water can run freely. if like many terraced houses in the Oldham area, yours is built on a slight slope,  for example Kershaw st. Mrs berry at number 2 has a failed joint. Her house is at the top of the sloped row of terraced houses. Mr Wright at number 14, his house is further down the slope, Now has badly leaking gutters. But the joints are sealed correctly from above, where the slates carry the water into the gutter. The water from Mrs Berry's faulty gutter has travelled downhill & found a way of escaping, unfortunately causing Mr Wright serious problems.

The solution to this problem, is to re seal every single joint on the street, to ensure the water stops leaking onto Mr Wrights property or anybody else's.

I strongly advise installing the traditional timber treated gutters, that were designed for terraced properties In manchester If installed correctly, by a competent roofing company Like Manchester Gutters. Then this gutters system will last over 25 years.

A lot of work goes into wooden gutters. We use pine wood, due to its structural compound. It allows more penetration. Spruce is a more resistant timber Once we have resourced the finest quality timber, the wood gets de-barked & machined. The timber  gets dried down to a suitable moisture condent. This allows us to make the perfect seal for your wooden gutters. We send the wooden gutters to be pressure treated. The timber is loaded into a treatment vessel. A vacuum is applied & the timber cells are  evacuated of air. The cylinder is flooded with tantalised e  wood preservative. The controlled industrial applied treatment protects the wooden gutters from wood decay, rot, & insect attack.  

As you can see, a lot of work has been put into the wooden gutters, before we have even begun installing them to your property. 

You can rest assure that by choosing Manchester Gutters you are in good hands. We have installed hundreds of timber gutters just in the Oldham area alone, over the past 5 years. 
James the propierter & owner of Manchester Gutters, has been in the roofing/guttering industry for 26 years. Manchester gutters is very competitive on prices. 

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