Home Improvements in Oldham

The cost of worn, cracked or blocked gutters can run to thousands of pounds. Insurance companies often turn down water damage claims on this basis, as poorly maintained gutters are the responsibility of the homeowner and can lead to water streaming down the side of your house, permeating your walls and allowing damp to reach your interior, sometimes causing vast structural damage to your property.

Your home is your most important asset, and holds significant emotional and financial value. We understand that it pays to be confident in its safety, and this is why we offer to help your property to be in the best shape possible.

We offer several ways of keeping your house up to date, including:

Gutters and Rooflines

Which we can install for you. One of the things this can include is fascia, a band which runs just around a roof’s edge, and soffit, the connection between the wall of your house and the over-hanging roof which protects your eaves. These two improvements are important to protect your house from external influences like water or even animals. We also offer rainwater goods, which are of course vital to your guttering systems.


Which we can do with durable UPVC or top-quality Plastisol, both of which are ideal for UK weather and we can offer you at unbeatable prices.

Plastic Guttering

A sustainable, dependable way to ensure rain water avoids your home

A New Roof System

Which we can install, to our usual high standards, whether you have a flat or pitched roof

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